Travel to Afur Valley, Spain

Afur Valley

Afur, what's it all about?
If you are the adventurous type in search of a new challenge then Afur is the right place for you. It is a valley right next to the ocean in the very north east of Tenerife and a perfect way to spend a day out. It is used as a hiking route that if you sufficiently prepare for prior to arriving, then it should'nt faze you in the slightest. So get on your hiking boots (sorry, might be a little too adventurous to wear high heels) and enjoy the aesthetic beauty that is Afur!

It is a grand landscape that has been naturally catered to accommodate to a enthralling hike, which is secured around any difficult terrain with regular signposts available so you can sufficiently keep your bearings. A refreshing palet of green plantation engulfing the solid terrain. Though you shouldn't prepare yourself for a commercial trip where there will be a giftshop at the halfway point but instead some breathtaking views that incorportate the landscape with the ocean. It's bound to earn its place as your new desktop background.