Travel to San Juan de la Rambla, Spain

San Juan de la Rambla

San Juan de la Rambla can be found in northern Tenerife. With its quaint appeal, it is a small town that is rich in historical character that is complemented by its beautiful natural scenery. Certainly not the place to go for dusk-till-dawn nightlife, San Juan offers a landscape of long winding roads met by the ocean.

Now, where to go?
If you would like to get a real face-to-face experience with the sea life, you can check out the aquarium with its modern collection of species. Test out your nerves walking through the shark tank and you might even get to see the penguins pass by. It promises an enjoyable trip that can be described as an aquatic gem for the whole family. For a taste of the artistic side of San Juan then don't hesitate to head over to Casa Museo Artaud, a house museum that contains a captivating selection of contemporary art.

To provide your trip with an ending not soon forgotten head towards Risco Marzipan. Once at the end of here you will be at the summit of San Juan, which is the location of many picture perfect moments. San Juan de la Rambla is a great place to visit that will make you part of the relaxed vibe and personality of the town where you will have a great choice of activities or you can just kick back and relax.