Paragliding & Skydiving in Tenerife, Spain

Skydiving in Tenerife:
paragliding Who wants to lay back and relax on the beach when, instead, you could be plummeting towards earth? While hurling oneself out of an airplane isn't exactly everybody's cup of tea, skydiving is without a doubt the ultimate adrenalin rush for thrill-seekers. Tenerife's main skydiving drop-zone is the Playa de las Vistas, located in the flatter southern portion of the island

Canary Island Air Sports Federation
c/ León y Castillo, 26 - 3º
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
(Tel) 645 34 97 68

Club de Paracaidismo Tinerfeño
(Tenerife Skydiving Club)
Edificio La Guaira
Avda. del Generalísimo, 9
La Candelaria, Tenerife

Aeroclub de Tenerife
(Tenerife Aeroclub)
Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte / North Tenerife Airport
(Tel) 922 63 78 56

Paragliding in Tenerife
If you want that same unbeatable bird's eye view of Tenerife but without necessarily testing the sheer force of gravity to such an extreme, paragliding may be the perfect option. Offering incredible views, unbeatable weather and those coveted thermal currents, Tenerife is a paragliding paradise.

Below you will find the six most commonly used Tenerife paragliding routes along with a pretty hefty list of paragliding clubs found throughout the island. For more detailed information, contact the Canary Island Federation of Air Sports (FECDA) or check out its website:

Canary Island Air Sports Federation
c/ León y Castillo, 26 - 3º
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
(Tel) 645 34 97 68

Paragliding Routes in Tenerife

  • Route Izaña
    Where: Puerto de la Cruz
    Description: Half-hour flight from a height of 2,100 meters over the Orotava Valley and landing in Puerto de la Cruz's Playa Jardín beach.

  • Route Izaña
    Where: Puertito de Güímar
    Description: From a height of 2,200 meters, enjoy 13 kilometers of scenery.

  • Route Tacoronte
    Where: Sauzal
    Description: Going from El Sauzal to Tacoronte (or vice-versa), this route covers a distance of between five and six kilometers all along the coast.

  • Route Icod el Alto
    Where: Playa del Socorro (Los Realejos)
    Description: Starting at an altitude of 800 meters in La Corona, soar over Icod el Alto and Los Realejos before landing in Tigaiga or the El Socorro beach.

  • Route Taucho
    Where: Adeje
    Description: With a top to bottom height of 800 meters, this thermal flight route eventually sets down in Adeje. (*Thermal flying involves gaining altitude and extending flight duration by riding natural heat currents rising off the land)

  • Route Jama
    Where: Valle de San Lorenzo
    Description: The Jama Route is another thermal flight route, this time with a top to bottom height of 600 meters.

Paragliding Clubs in Tenerife - North Zone

  • Club de Parapente Norte
    Aptdo. Correos, 134
    Los Realejos
    (Tel) 922 35 92 95

  • Club de Parapente Tenerife
    c/ Cupreso, 4
    Santa Ursula
    (Tel) 922 30 20 64

  • Club Libertad-Tacoronte
    c/ Pérez Reyes
    (Tel) 922 56 32 51

  • Club Deportivo Corona del Teide
    c/ Obispo Pérez Cáceres, 4 - 1º izq.
    La Perdoma (La Orotava)

  • Club Proscritos
    c/ El Juego, 10
    La Laguna
    (Tel) 922 27 97 81

  • Club Carbonero
    Cmno. del Medio, 124
    Los Baldios (La Laguna)
    (Tel) 922 28 51 66

  • Club de Parapente Alisios
    Aptdo. Correos, 1207
    (Tel) 922 25 70 76

  • Club de Parapente Atlántida
    c/ Jorge Manrique, 1 - 4º
    Santa Cruz
    (Tel) 922 29 13 06

Paragliding Clubs in Tenerife - South Zone

  • Parapente Club del Sur
    Edif. Esmeralda, 39
    (Tel) 922 78 13 57

  • Club de Parapente Izaña
    Aptdo. Correos, 198
    (Tel) 619 07 32 10

  • Parapente Tenerife
    c/ Domingo Pérez Cáceres, 15
    (Tel) 922 52 42 63

  • Club de Parapente Jama
    Aptdo. Correos, 23
    (Tel) 922 78 62 58

  • Club K-2
    c/ La Flora, 21
    (Tel) 922 77 14 09