Horseback Riding in Tenerife, Spain

horseback riding

One of the most memorable ways to discover Tenerife's captivating countryside is clip-clopping your way up and down trails nestled into a horse saddle. Canarian horses, typically a mix of European and Arab horse breeds, are beautiful and strong creatures and provide the perfect ride through Tenerife's natural highlights. Take a break from scuba-diving and jet-skiing and instead hop on a horse and splash through the turf along the island's coastline, explore the fruit groves and brilliantly green valleys of the north or trek through the Mount Teide National Park.

Tenerife - particularly in its interior and northern zones - is brimming with sprawling farms and ranches that offer everything from simple horse riding lessons right on the farm to guided pony and horse riding excursions through the scenic countryside. Below you'll find a few...

Horseback Riding in Tenerife:

La Atalaya Riding Club
Camino de la Luna, 42
San Lázaro (La Laguna)
(Tel) 922 25 14 10

Finca Estrella
Fuente de la Vega - Cruz del Camino
Icod de los Vinos
(Tel) 922 81 43 82

Los Brezos Riding Center
Camino Candelaria - Monte, 101
(Tel) 922 56 72 22

Mamio Verde
Cuadras de Pino Alto, 39
La Orotava
(Tel) 922 33 39 56

Finca Verde
Ctra. General TF-21 a Las Cañadas, 273 (kilometer 10)
La Orotava
(Tel) 922 33 40 07

Centro Hípico el Manchón
Cmno. Subida al Púlpito, 9
La Laguna
(Tel) 922 63 20 81

Hípica el Molino
Ctra. General del Socorro
(Tel) 922 54 16 58

Rancho Grande
Amarilla Golf & Country Club
San Miguel de Abona
(Tel) 922 73 03 19

Rancho Bonanza
Ctra. TF-1
El Desierto - Granadilla
(Tel) 686 54 70 62

Centro Hípico del Sur
Camino Los Migueles, 82
Buzanada (Arona)
(Tel) 922 72 06 43

El Molino
Ctra. General del Socorro
(Tel) 922 54 16 58