Vehicle Rental in Tenerife, Spain

Vehicle Rentals: Cars
teide With your sunglasses prepared for action, the windows rolled down and the freedom to stop and go as you please, renting a car is without a doubt the most fun way to explore Tenerife. Finding vehicle rental companies in Tenerife isn't hard at all, as practically every village, town and city boasts a combination of both major chains and local businesses that will get you behind the wheel and out on the road faster than you can say "Mount Teide."

Keep in mind that if you don't plan on starting and ending your travels in the same city, it may be better to veer away from local companies and instead rent a vehicle from a company with agencies in various parts of the island. While local companies tend to cost less, by using a larger company you don't have to necessarily return the car to the same office you rented it from. You can get a vehicle rental in Tenerife in person in a rental company, via their website if they have one, or generally through your hotel.

While there are vehicle rental companies all over Tenerife, if you want one right off the bat when you arrive, here are the vehicle rental companies that you'll find in Tenerife's two airports:

Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur
Autos Reisen
(Tel) 922 63 59 78
Auto Reisen
(Tel) 922 75 93 64
(Tel) 922 25 87 13
(Tel) 922 39 20 56
(Tel) 922 63 26 42
(Tel) 922 75 93 29
Europcar - Betacar
(Tel) 922 63 59 48
Europcar - Betacar
(Tel) 922 75 93 13
(Tel) 922 63 58 68
(Tel) 922 75 90 59
(Tel) 922 75 97 67

Vehicle Rentals: Scooters
Combining the motorized speed of a car with the unrestrained fun of a bike, a scooter rental is a fun way to enjoy the warm sun, the fresh ocean air and the views. There are scooter, or "moto", rental companies all over the island, but here are a few to get your search started.

Mohsen Motos
Complejo Marino, local 12
Los Cristianos
(Tel) 922 75 17 08

Mundo Moto
Las Vegas
Puerto de la Cruz
(Tel) 922 38 84 77

c/ El Toscal, 16
Los Realejos
(Tel) 922 36 22 65

Motos Rueda
Ctra. Las Arenas, 17
Puerto de la Cruz
(Tel) 922 38 29 02

Vehicle Rentals: Bikes
Nothing quite says "island vacation" like leisurely pedaling along the shore clad in sandals and a bathing suit. Then again, if you want to kick things up a few notches, Tenerife's often rugged terrain and its endless trails through the wilderness make the island - particularly the central and northern zones - ideal for mountain bikers. There are almost as many bike rental companies as grains of sand in Tenerife, but here are a few located in various parts of the island.

The Bike Shop
Centro Comercial El Trebol
Costa de Silencio

Bicisport Las Américas
Palmeras del Sur L.10
Playa de las Américas
(Tel) 922 75 18 29

Agencia San Telmo - Playa
Centro Comercial San Telmo
Los Cristianos
(Tel) 922 79 45 65

Mountainbike Active
c/ Mazaroco, Edificio Daniela
Puerto de la Cruz
(Tel) 922 37 60 81