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Enforex School Tenerife The Enforex Tenerife school is located in the north of the island in a typical Canarian building, meters away from the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by pretty promenades and plazas which provide plenty of opportunity to practise speaking Spansih with the locals.

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Knowing the city of Tenerife Tenerife (previously known and spelled as "Teneriffe" in English, before mass tourism adopted the Spanish spelling), a Spanish island, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.
Carnival of Santa CruzSanta Cruz de Tenerife hosts the largest, most impressive and most spectacular carnival bonanza in the whole of Tenerife.
Puerto de La Cruz Puerto de la Cruz (which in English translates as "Crossport", although nowadays it is usually known in all languages by its Spanish name) is located on the north coast of Tenerife, in the Orotava Valley.
The Loro's Park Loro Parque is basically a zoo that specializes in parrots. Founded in 1972 the park exists to rescue and protect animals from all over the world, in particular it concentrates on breeding rare species of parrots to prevent their extinction.
El Puertito Marine Reserve The Tenerife shoreline conserves marine ecosystems with a large number of endemic species. This is the perfect site for seeing turtles. Cuttlefish, butterfly rays, bull rays and octopus are also seen at this dive site.
The Great Tourism of Tenerife It's all about sunbathing, swimming, and eating good food. And what makes people come back, year after year, is the island’s unique wealth of variety. Tenerife is much more than its beaches.