Travel to Masca, Spain


Masca, Tenerife
A small village town known to many as the "lost village", Masca is a quaint delight that is sure to please. Despite its growing popularity it still retains its character with even the church only holding a maximum of eight people. It will give you a refreshing sense of simplicity that you will not find in the capitals and main cities of Spain. You can get to Masca quite easily through Santiago del Teide.

The structural positioning of the houses are certainly unique as they are built on edges or the rocky terrain. If you are spending the day in Masca then be sure to head down to the bay, nicknamed the Pirates' Hideaway.

From there you can choose to return to your resort by boat dependent on where your staying. In a nutshell Masca provides you with a great day out that is ready to wow you with the fantastic views that will be constantly surrounding you. Pack some extra batteries for the camera!