Tenerife Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters in Tenerife, Spain


Film arrived to the Canary Islands back in 1896, just a year after the Lumière brothers - the so-called "fathers of film" - invented the cinèmatographe. Drawn to the paradisaical islands, a cameraman working for the Lumière brothers came to the Canaries to film a few scenes and, in the process, this up-and-coming world of moving pictures piqued the interest of the islanders.

Going to the movies is still a popular activity in the islands, and Tenerife is no exception. There are movie theaters, ranging from artsy film houses like the Filmoteca Canaria in Santa Cruz to modern multi-screen complexes like the Multicines Zentral Center in Arona, dispersed throughout Tenerife.

c/ Herradores General Franco, 42-47
La Laguna
(Tel) 922 25 94 23

c/ San Juan, 10
Puerto de la Cruz
(Tel) 922 38 36 21

Cinebox La Laguna
Centro Comercial Alcampo
Camino La Hornera, s/n
La Laguna
(Tel) 922 82 10 61

Filmoteca Canaria
Avenida de la Asunción, 1
Santa Cruz
(Tel) 922 27 08 29

Multicines Puntalarga
Centro Comercial Punta Larga
Rambla de los Menceyes, s/n
La Laguna
(Tel) 922 58 30 53

Multicines Zentral Center
Avenida de Antonio Domínguez, s/n
Playa de las Américas

Avda. de Belgica, 8-10
Santa Cruz
(Tel) 922 22 73 00

Renoir Price
c/ Salamanca, 16
Santa Cruz
(Tel) 922 28 94 59

Teatro-Cine Los Realejos
c/ San Agustín, s/n
Los Realejos
(Tel) 922 34 02 55

Teatro-Cine Municipal Icod
c/ Infanta Isabel, 5
Icod de los Vinos
(Tel) 922 81 14 03

c/ Las Damas, 1
Puerto de la Cruz
(Tel) 022 38 36 21

Yelmo Cineplex La Villa-Orotava
Centro Comercial Las Arenas
Autopista TF-5, Exit 36
La Orotava
(Tel) 922 32 40 85

Yelmo Cineplex Meridiano
Avda. La Salle, s/n
Santa Cruz
(Tel) 922 23 53 33