Bus System in Tenerife, Spain


While driving is probably the most adventurous way to explore all that Tenerife has to offer, Tenerife is fortunately one of the two islands of the archipelago on which renting a vehicle isn't essential. The island boasts fantastic bus coverage that links together natural parks, major cities, tiny villages, airports, etc.

A bona fide fleet of over 550 Tenerife buses - more commonly referred to as "guaguas" - constantly cruise around the island carting beach-goers, hikers, tourists and locals off to their various Tenerife destinations. The Tenerife buses are also an extremely economical way to get from point A to point B- especially if you buy what's known as a "Bono-Bus."

You can purchase a prepaid Bono-Bus from Titsa, Tenerife's bus company, in Tenerife bus stations and kiosks. As you travel around, the price of your bus tickets are reduced by 50% and simply detracted from your pre-paid Bono-Bus. Valid for all bus lines and itineraries throughout Tenerife, the Bono-Bus is also transferrable- or in other words, you can buy just one and share with your fellow travelers. Not a bad deal!

Titsa (Tenerife Bus Company)
Main Offices:
c/ Punta de Anaga, 1
Santa María del Mar (Santa Cruz)
(Tel) 922 47 95 00
(Tel) 922 53 13 00

Main Tenerife Bus Station:
Avda. 3 de Mayo, 47
Santa Cruz
(Tel) 922 53 13 00

Titsa Website: www.titsa.com