Fishing in Tenerife, Spain

school of fish

Ahh... the sea. With nothing more than a few friends, a few fishing rods and a trusty bottle of sunscreen, there's nothing quite like spending a sunny morning out on the wide-open sea with Tenerife's soaring Mount Teide off in the distance. Deep-sea fishing is a popular activity off the shores of Tenerife, and with its waters full of everything from tuna to sharks, you're sure to make a catch!

No matter where on the island you are, you will see endless signs advertisements for fishing excursions that will get you off the land and out to sea in no time. Nonetheless, here are just a couple of Tenerife's many fishing trips:

Tenerife Fishing Excursions

  • Yate Sofía
    Natisport S.A.
    Los Cristianos Port
    For Reservations:
    Nautisport S.A.
    c/ Álvarez de Lugo, 10
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    (Tel) 922 28 69 50
    Nautisport S.A.
    c/ General Franco, 3 - Transv. nº1
    Los Cristianos
    (Tel) 922 79 13 59

  • Punta Umbría
    Los Gigantes Marina
    For Reservations: (Tel) 922 75 00 85

Tenerife Fishing Clubs

  • Fishing Federation
    c/ San Sebastián, 76
    Santa Cruz
    (Tel) 922 22 67 71

  • Neptuno Fishing Club
    c/ Pérez Galdós, 19
    Santa Cruz
    (Tel) 922 28 13 21