Los Gigantes Cliffs in Tenerife

los gigantes

From impossibly green banana plantations to golden beaches, dormant volcanoes and quiet black sand coves, Tenerife embodies the very essence of natural beauty. One of Tenerife's most awe-inspiring natural wonders is easily Los Gigantes. Quite appropriately meaning "The Giants," Los Gigantes cliffs are an absolute must-see located near the small port towns of Los Gigantes and Puerto de Santiago.

Composing a chunk of Tenerife's rugged northwestern coast, these cliffs are essentially a vertical wall shooting straight up out of the crystalline sea. In the highest parts of Los Gigantes the cliffs soar between a jaw-dropping 500 and 800 meters (roughly 1,640 to 2,625 feet)! Long ago, writers like Homer and Virgil referred wrote that Tenerife was the end of the world; get one glimpse of Los Gigantes and you'll see why!

Back in the 18th century, habitants of the area launched stones off the cliffs - aiming at ships - to thwart British attempts at an invasion. Whether peering down over the edge from the top or gazing up from the bottom, you can see that it would have been a pretty formidable defense tactic!

Los Gigantes, Tenerife on Foot
They may be pretty daunting, but checking out Los Gigantes by foot is surprisingly not too tricky. Look for the red and white light house and parking lot at Punta de Teno. From there, follow the trail to Punta Diente de Ajo and finally to Los Gigantes.

The fairly easy trail follows the sea and will give you stunning views- watch your step though! Parts of the route come pretty close to the cliffs' edge. By the time you've finished the 25-minute walk, you're at the base where the cliffs meet the sea. Take a dip in the ocean and, while you swim, look up at the cliffs- it's a humbling experience.

Los Gigantes, Tenerife by Boat
One of the best ways to check out Los Gigantes up close is to climb aboard a boat. In the Los Gigantes marina (www.losgigantesmarina.com), there are many boats that will take you closer to cliffs. Another option is to combine Los Gigantes it with a whale-watching excursion- Tenerife is famous for them. Along with dolphins and Tenerife's populous colony of pilot whales, these excursions also offer passengers an up-close view of Los Gigantes and the surrounding sandy coves. Here are a few:

Nashira Uno: Catamaran
Los Gigantes Marina
(Tel) 922 86 19 18

Glass Bottom Boat
Los Gigantes Marina
(Tel) 922 86 06 71

Katrin: Restored crabbing vessel
(Tel) 922 86 03 32
Los Gigantes Marina

Paola: Small motorboat
Los Gigantes Marina
(Tel) 922 12 34 56